Thursday, July 30, 2009

our awesome wednesday

Today our Baby Pouch and Jar of Hope orders from Indigo Baby arrived! And I immediately let my little man snuggle right in his new "ATI (AETA) sling" that I call it. And he seems to like it cos it makes it easier for me to carry him around without having my arms complaining about Yuan's weight. He may not be all that "chubby wubby" but he's definitely heavy! =)

I think he finds it comfy and I find it convenient for my part as well. We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon, before it rained again, having coffee with his Mommy Ninang Sasa and Ninang Girlfriend Ellen. He was sooo noisy too. With all that loud coos and babbles. My little boy is getting big. And getting naughtier too! =)