Friday, March 12, 2010

on a bird's eye view.

I am once again caught up in reading other people's blogs. I envy their zest and enthusiasm for writing down all their thoughts, if not everyday, every other day or maybe thrice a month or so. I miss that fire in me.

I miss that other side of my life, that I know, is way out of my league. This is my first ever entry for the month of March. As you can see, I am somewhat struggling though. Carefully filtering thru my thoughts, letting my fingers take charge.

I can't stand the wrath of El Nino. Its been bugging me lately and I have no choice but to turn the AC on. I know my next electric bill will be way beyond our regular bill... much as I want to do the TIPID routine, the our turbo fans can't handle it! I fear for overheating and the cause of potential fire outbreak.

Besides the El Nino thingy, Wan is really getting on my nerves lately. I guess this is the part where the real parenting begins. He's been all out and hyped up. He couldn't sit still.

I admit that my patience is being tested here, but his curiousity amazes me though. Sometimes I think he doesn't want me watching him do things.

I just noticed that today, when I caught him climbing a step up inorder for him to reach our bedroom, which I taught him how to do 2 days ago. He loves being active and doing things on his own, although, he still doesn't have the guts to walk by himself. He'll have his day, it'll come soon. We'll just have to wait. :)

He really got that I-AM-INDIE part from me as well as being STUBBORN too.

I am really enjoying the fact that I get to see all my son's achievements everyday. Watching him grow, explore and learn new things completes my role of being a mother to him.

Its priceless.

Its true what they say that you don't see that everyday and that it's only a once-in-a-lifetime moment that they are still innocent, little beings struggling their way to see the world...

Time does fly so fast. Before you know it, they're already be talking, cursing and even saying, "Mom, please don't wear that!" or "Mom, please shut up!". Well I am anticipating that day when I will find him covered by tattoos or going home drunk and wasted from a weekend party. :) Hehe.