Friday, June 25, 2010


It was back in mid June of last year that I have stumbled upon our first toughest challenge. It was Wan's first challenge in the outside world and for me, my second challenge as a mother. Tonight, somehow I celebrate a partial victory for overcoming our FIRST TOUGH CHALLENGE.

As many of you recall, my previous entry back in September 2009, I wrote the toughest challenge so far....we did it! out of my overwhelming joy for winning the first leg of our toughest challenge. So tonight I do the same.

Sometime last December 2009, we had Wan's hemangioma undergo Ultrasound. With the help of friends in Tawam Hospital, it was made possible. According to one of the doctors (I forgot his name) who made the Ultrasound, Wan's hemangioma is not your typical hemangioma at all. It was diagnosed as a ARTERIOVENOUS MALFORMATION or AVM. In layman's term, an AVM is is an abnormal collection of blood vessels.

A typical hemangioma usually disappears as the child grows up, the blood vessels die down and becomes INACTIVE. Thus, it shrinks overtime. But an AVM is far more different. In Wan's ultrasound it was found out that there are active blood vessels underneath his hemangioma. The only lighter side of this discovery is that its SUPERFICIAL and it's not attached to any major organs especially his heart, since its located on his left chest. There is an active blood circulation underneath his hemangioma, the reason why its protruding and its very very RED. And in his case, as he gets older, it should be dying down but it isn't. Upon hearing this, all that I can think of is... the challenge is not over. But wait... there is more... If his AVM does not shrink and stays active, it will compromise the blood circulation to his heart thus might lead to a possible Congestive Heart Failure sometime by the age of 5 to 7. The only possible way to avoid this is by surgery before the age of 5.

You could just imagine how teary eyed I got... and how I suddenly found it hard to breathe and couldn't speak like there's a lump in my throat. Just imagine your son in surgery at the age of 2. And all I could think of is the fact that they'll cut my little boy's little body open. Me and my parents agreed on the surgery, if things don't improve. But still we HOPE and we PRAY... above all else, for no possible surgeries. That his hemangioma will shrink on its own, the blood vessels would die down as he grows.

Wan last February 2010

Somehow tonight, I have recalled the first leg of our first tough challenge, on this random day of June. Somehow I have remembered how bad it was and how agonizing it felt to see your child in pain. And how you wish that it was you taking all that pain instead of him...

Wan last March 2010

Wan's hemangioma is slowly getting lighter. Its still a bit protruding but in a way, its not as RED as it was back last year.

Wan last May 2010

Tonight I celebrate our victory on the second leg of first tough challenge... We still need more PRAYERS. We don't miss a day PRAYING for this big favor from God and Papa Jesus. I gave birth to a FIGHTER. He's been a FIGHTER and he's been the STRONGEST little boy since the day he was born.

Thank you to all those who love Wan and those people whom he never fails to amuse.

Keep the prayers coming. =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wan and his fondness for books.

6Wan is growing up soo fast. Almost about 2-3 months ago I read IndigoBaby's Monica Eleazar's blog about the benefits of getting your child to read at an early age. I was so inspired and motivated that I brought a new book for my son the very next week. I found this book first after rummaging through the messy and uncategorized shelves of the National Bookstore.

I read it to him that very night I bought the book and I was surprised on how well he actually listened. I continued to read it to him everyday not just before bedtime but also before he'd take naps in the afternoon. According to this article in the The Little Ones Reading Resource, reading 20 minutes a day helps your child's language to develop easily.

I was just surprised that one day after a week of reading to him his first book as a toddler, each time before we'd take a nap he'd point to where his book is. I think he memorized the story already cos he now knows what's going to happen as the page turns. I was so amazed at his fondness for reading that I brought him two more books...

This book came with the ERIC CARLE Mini Library, for now this is one of his favorites. This is his SLEEPY TIME book. And because of this book, he uttered his first word clearly, "Papa." =)

He also enjoys this book alot. :) Especially how the very hungry caterpillar created hole through everything he eats.

....and this one came from Mama :) It helps him recognize different animals. Now what do you see?

Reading is now one of his home works. His day shouldn't end without reading a book or two. And really its a major help. :)