Friday, May 13, 2011

Mommy Moments Thursday -- Here Comes the Baby!

mommy moments

Another Mommy Moment on a Thursday!

I was actually overdue for 2 weeks when I decided to have an Induction of Labor. Besides the fact that I already felt excited to see my son, I feared the fact that he might eat his poop or otherwise called Meconium Aspiration. I think you know the feeling of being exhausted and excited at the same time -- well, that's exactly how I felt! I checked in January 10 and underwent 3 days of induced labor without even undergoing the actual labor. I felt no pain at all and I only got as far as 4cm. I finally met my little Wan on January 14, 2009 at 9:47 pm via Caesarean Section.
I saw him the next day after I got fully rested and all. When I finally got to hold him inside the breastfeeding room, our first meeting was breathless. It was surreal. I couldn't believe it myself that I am actually holding my own son -- my very own flesh and blood. The first thing I did was check his whole body -- his fingers, his toes, his eyes, his skin, his ears -- then I smelled him. He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my lifetime. I knew it, I was in love.

Wan was discharged a day after I got out. He had to stay for awhile until his being yellowish subsided. His first night went well. He wasn't a colicky baby. He cries when he's hungry. He sleeps most of the time. To sum it all up, I never had a hard time on him. I did not get him used to carrying and rocking him when he sleeps. Instead, he sleeps on my chest while I pat his back.

Motherhood caught me off guard. But I have to be tough. I have to be strong for that little boy who's counting on me. I discovered the world of parenting on my own without a partner and a yaya to help me through. It was a challenge that I soon got to love along the way. I was hands on and even if I got tired, just seeing him sleep makes me forget about the worries, the fears and the anxieties that I have. Yet, indeed they can't be babies forever.

Its just priceless seeing him grow up each day and not missing out on his sloppy firsts.
He's already in the world of terrible TWO and one curious George!

Having my son is the most beautiful accident that has ever happened to me... it was a blessing in disguise. It has surely changed my outlook and gave my life a 360 degree turn. I already found my reason to wake up each day with much enthusiasm, to strive harder and to never give up the battles that lie ahead of us.

There will be good days and bad days, but we'll get through. =)
I have found my piece of heaven on earth and the only person who can love me forever.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Motherhood is a lifetime job without pay --
you endure 9 months carrying a human being in your belly,
wake up in the wee hours of the morning,
deal with their tantrums, clean their mess,
and never sleep when they are sick.
With these in tow, you cannot resign.

Then you'll unconsciously forget about yourself...
you'd careless with the way you look, wouldn't mind the latest fashion trend,
gain weight and yes, you will feel ugly.
But when you see those eager little eyes looking at you with that toothless grin,
all these insecurities just melts away like ice.
And suddenly, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world!
Nobody said that motherhood was easy,
but you wouldn't trade the the sloppy kisses, little hugs,
the beautiful memories and yes, the unconditional love
for anything in the world!

To my Mom,
Thank you so much for all the patience and the support
that you have given me through the years of my existence.
Our relationship has always been love-hate
and we argue most of the time,
but now I understand you perfectly.
And I love you even more!

Happy Mother's Day
to all the SUPERMOMS I know!