Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saying hello to the world of Terrible TWO!

Dear Wan,

Right at this very moment while I write this its approximately about 30 more minutes before your second birthday. I just watch you beside me snuggling close to me like you always do during bedtime. Fast asleep and faraway dreaming. I am just so amazed on how time flies. Its seems like it was only yesterday that you were so tiny and fragile as I held you in my arms. Now I am just surprised on how big you have grown and the new things that you show me everyday. Whenever that smile on your face lits up, it never fails to amaze me.

I remember the first time you said BACKPACK and I almost cried over the fact that you just uttered your first word other than MAMA and PAPA. Then the list just went on... SHOES, FISH, CAR, TAXI, MILK, COKE, DOG, TRUCK, WOW, SEXY, JESUS and TOAST. You love calling everyone at home... PAT, BOK, SA, TITA. I love listening to blabbing endlessly like you're speaking Chinese. Blabbing and blabbing until I hear you say funny words. One day at a time baby and we will get there. =)

Next, you slowly had your favorites and you already know how to choose between two things. I slowly noticed your "new thing"... your love for cars. You love piling them up one after the other and how you would literally stare at them each one as you play. I remember how you would carefully look out the car window and stare at the different trucks, buses, jeeps, and cars that would pass by. The look of awe in your face is priceless. Another instance is your love for Showtime. Seeing you dance and sing is unforgettable and I am happy that I didn't miss any of that.

We have been through alot of tough times, baby. Our 2010 wasn't so good to us. We had five consecutive hospital admissions and I am just thankful for a fact that you are a fighter. For this year, I pray that we don't get to undergo another admission anymore.

Everyday is another new day for us both and everyday I learn new things from you. Mommy is hoping for a right start for us. And I am bracing myself for the new surprises that you have for me this year as you say hello to the world of the terrible TWO. =)

Happy birthday, my little Wantonball!

I love you,

Mum =)