Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommy Moments Thursday -- Congratulations!

mommy moments

Its Thursday and I am just amazed on how quick the days are.
Now this is my 3rd Mommy Moment entry -- CONGRATULATIONS!

I never expected how quick my little Wan can learn things.
He really just amazes me everyday.
At exactly 24 months, just a week after his birthday he already knows how to wear his
Crocs and his shoes.

Although he wears it the wrong way, I am still one proud mum!
I have actually observed this from my nephews when they
were on the same age bracket as Wan,
they too wore their shoes and slippers this way.
At 26 months to date, Wan already can say...
PAPA (my dad)
MAMA (my mom)
PAT (his Uncle)
TOTEP (my nephew)
TASH (taxi)
(hamut = ilonggo word for MABANGO)
ICE (his Tita)
SASA (his Ninang)

Congratulations Wantonball!

We're taking it one day at a time.
And we're hoping for alot more words to come.

Happy Mommy Moments, dear Mummies!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mommy Moments Thursday -- WHITE out!

mommy moments

Its THURSDAY and I would like to share our Mommy Moment for this week...

These are my most favorite Mommy Moment of Wan in WHITE.

Taken in Atlantis Hotel in Dubai during our Friday the 13th Getaway
November 13, 2009

Enjoying the most loved Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo
January 24, 2010

The funkiest asthmatic dude ever!
February 18, 2011

Fooling around with the boys.
March 14, 2011

What's your Mommy Moment?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bumble bee down.

I found him asleep early.
He had a very busy day today filled with running and chasing.
Plus the fact he can now open the door knob!
We just have to lock him in since he's getting good at sneaking out. =)
I was just surprised he fell asleep while he watched Mutya on TV.

Sleep tight, my little Wantonball!
Sweet dreams.
I love you loads.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sleepless on a Tuesday.

I have been awake since 11pm yesterday up to now, with only 2 hours of sleep from 8am to 11am. Its not another insomnia Tuesday, no. It was my exam day with this VA company that I am applying for and it kinda gave me the jitters since I am very much nervous. I have been bumming for a 2 months now and I do not like it at all. Its like I am slowly losing my ego again. So here I am scouting for greener pastures that can allow me to work in the convenience of my own home. Going back, the exam scared the hell out of me because of the fact that I wasn't at all prepared and my mind set wasn't on a focus. The exam went well, I had answers to the module review quiz and the last part of the exam was a 300-word Article Writing with a very striking question to answer...

What honest mistake have you committed that turned out to be favorable to you?

It almost took me around 20 minutes to fully digest the question. I thought for awhile on what, out of the thousands, particular honest mistake that I have done that turned out to be favorable in the long run. Think. Thinking some more. I was squeezing my sleepy brain franticly and finally, I went on.

If you ask me what honest mistake I committed in the 26 years of my existence was becoming pregnant. I think anyone could agree that once you become a parent, your whole life will change. Getting married and having a child was in my plans, but I never expected it to be this early and that I'd end up to be a single parent for a fact. With this unexpected 360-degrees turn, I had mixed emotions that just seems to be overwhelming. I remember crying most of time over the fact that I have nobody to comfort me in the most crucial stage a woman can undergo.

But then when Wan came out everything changed. All these negative emotions just vanished within a sec. I finally met the one person whom I know will love me forever, even if I've gotten fat or not as beautiful as I was. Even if admit that patience is not my virtue, staying up late until the wee hours of the morning because he is sick, not having the chance to buy something for yourself anymore, or putting up with wild mood swings, I have no choice since it comes with the whole package -- embrace the storm and love every minute of it.

Even if I know that raising your child alone is one of the hardest job anyone can have, I will embrace it and I will keep going. I already have something to keep me going. Because even if you are tired and weary and almost giving up, his sloppy kisses just melts it away and actually, I loved how it changed me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy Moments Thursday -- PURPLE!

mommy moments

Since Thursday is my favorite day of the week, I decided to make it as my Mommy Moments Day! Yey! Its my first time to join this exciting venture along with fab Mummy bloggers like me, especially sis Sarah for inspiring me to start blogging again. So my first week starts with PURPLE and here are my Mommy Moments in PURPLE!

Wan at 5 months old back in July 5, 2009 when he first met Barney

Fooling around with Ninang Sasa after my first birthday January 2010

Helping Mom do the chores February 2010

Dinner date with Ninang Grace and Tita Lee around July 2010

Its just amazing how the time flies.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll madness

I have this "thing" for rockstars, skulls, stars and tattoos. It started back in the 90s when I couldn't get over MTV back in the 1st Grade. Thus I got to know Blind Melon, Nirvana and such. My fondness grew when I stepped into 5th grade and was introduced to Alanis Morissette. The list just went on and on up until highschool and yes, college.

The moment I knew I was pregnant, I let Wan listen to my kind of music on my fone's playlist. We listened to Jeff Buckley, The Carpenters, Copeland, Sepultura, Everytime I Die to light and bubbly Feist, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. It amazes me how he responded to these while he was inside my tummy.

I remember Pachuca Sunrise by Minus The Bear, whenever he hears it he either kicks or he calms down. Its actually one of those songs that puts him to sleep and one of my personal faves.

And until now I carry that "thing" with me although I am not as updated when it comes to music nowadays. I started collecting these only last year, thrifted and brand new. One of my wishlists was to buy Wan band shirts. And yeah, bit by bit I am now starting these collectibles from shirts to onesies and some of it has been worn by Wan yet. Oh well, my guilty pleasure. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Like Saturday never ends.

Saturday! Finally its the weekend! Yay! We woke up late and I couldn't blame the bed weather. Rainy Saturday morning and cuddling under the sheets. Nice, eh? Definitely. My day started with my shop's inbox with queries about the posted items. Then advertise and updating the reserved items. I did some meet ups with two Mummy buyers and a few mummyhood chat. Pretty much my day was smooth and I liked how it started even if I had a thousand thoughts inside my head. Never ending budgeting and figures, more figures. Went home with a Yogart Delight on my hands and hoping that at least it can help me forget about the figuring out for a moment. Little naughty one was wide awake and screaming when I came home. Hyped up as the usual.

I ordered Lasgna and some Pizza Fries for a "lite dinner". He gobbled up the pasta like there's no tomorrow. I even thought he didn't like it all. The fries were gone too.

Wan is eating like a pig and I like it because he's becoming heavier. But the bad part is that he doesn't get chubby at all. Instead, the fats go to his thighs and his tummy. He even looks like he has got a beer belly. Hehehe. After attacking the pasta, he ran to me saying, "Mama, Mama!" and signaling me to get up. He held my hand and led me to his high chair. He finished it all up in a clean slate and all by himself. He didn't sit on his high chair but instead he made his high chair his table while he sat on the sofa. Neat, huh? Although with a bit of mess on the floor and on his face. But he did just fine. The cleanest mess to date. =)

Then he laid on the sofa and finished off the remaining ounces of his milk. Grabbed his cars and played before we hit the bath.

Cleaned and washed up, we tried on some get ups before going to bed. And this is the outcome of it. Wearing his uncle's basketball shoes with his glasses and new hat. He kinda liked wearing these fancy glasses. I dunno why. Its just amazing how he poses spontaneously at the camera these days. I don't have to pressure him anymore. Hehe. He's becoming a camwhore!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday bliss and jitters.

Friday is my busy day. I finally found the time to ship all the 10 packages for my excited Mommy buyers. I had my first six packages picked up by AIR21 while the four remaining I have to bring personally to JRS. Somewhat I am thankful that I left while Wan was asleep on the sofa with my brother.

After the scheduled shipping at JRS, I stumbled upon these lovely beauties in Book Sale at The Atrium. All these babies for only P350! Neat, huh?! I was actually looking for another addition to out Eric Carle collection, but I haven't found any so I got these instead.

I found some more Curious George books to make up for the fact that I haven't found some Eric Carle books. =( Four more Curious George books to add up to his collection. And he is actually slowly digesting it step by step. Although I should say, Curious George stories have more narration, a bit longer but with vibrant colors! Plus, I found two Dr. Seuss books!

I have already noted Dr. Seuss on my list for books to collect but yes, often times I forget about it whenever an Eric Carle book comes into the picture. =) I read at a site that Dr. Seuss books are actually helpful to children when they are starting to talk or learning more words. And yes, I have read a Dr. Seuss book when I was a kid. I used to envy my cousin for having a Dr. Seuss collection. When I got home, he quickly rummaged through the white plastic bag I was bringing. The moment I got them out, his eyes glowed and he said, "Waaaaaw! Book!". Amazing, isn't it? Wan loves books as much as he loves crab and corn, cars or Jollibee's Chicken Macaroni soup. We watched the news about the Intensity 8.9 earthquake that just hit the Central part of Japan at 3:00pm this afternoon and how a ferocious tsunami later affected the Eastern shores of Japan as an aftermath.
Just seeing the video on the news gives me the goosebumps. I just saw how cars are literally floating and hug waves swallowing the towns and house in less than a minute. It was such as bad sight to see. =( I pray for the lives lost during this tragedy. And I pray that nothing like this will happen to us here in the Philippines.

After the news, we read the new books as I let him chose the ones he like. He started with Curious George and then Dr. Seuss. But yes of course, he still stood up and got his Eric Carle books, all six of them. After that we read his all time memorized, favorite book, Where The Wild Things Are.

After our reading marathon, my poor little Wantonball slept atop his pile of books. I found him asleep with a fire truck on his hand. =) It was a tiring day, indeed. And we pray that tomorrow is better than today. Keep safe. Good night!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Me as a Shoeaholic Mum!

As a kid, all I can remember was owning a pair Adidas Samba back in '87. It was a pretty much a big deal especially when your parents are OFWs in Saudi. Yeah, I was an OFW kid. Raised in an average household and eldest among the brood of three. The only girl, to top it off.

During my teens and around college, I collected Chuck Taylors and Vans Slip-ons. I was always fond of guy's shoes especially skate brands and the likes of Nike and Adidas with rare designs. Bit by bit I started to own a few slip-ons and sneakers. I remember diligently saving my allowance for quirky pair each month! When I had my "career" I then began buying different styles of ballet shoes, flats, wedges and of course, killer heels. I had a favorite store back in the Emirates that I constantly check every week -- Stradivarius, H&M, Spring (ALDO's cheaper counterpart) and yes, ShoeMart. Stradivarius offers the best VINTAGE looking kicks with only one pair each design. Amazing! Then you have H&M, Spring and ShoeMart for designer replicas at a very affordable price! Each pair I owned was in the most vibrant color possible. After all, I am a fan of the VINTAGE Era.

If you ask me now where they are... they're gone. After giving birth I decided to get rid of them cos I wanted to get rid of the bad vibes. It was a "new life, new things" drama. I dunno how to explain myself but well, I just didn't like them hanging around anymore. After giving birth, I became a size 7 from size 6 and alot of common Mummy friends have also experienced this "change" too. Although, I kept a few of my favorite pairs but the rest just don't fit me anymore.

Wan's 2011 Collection

I really don't know where I started nor how it all began. Wan started out owning only three pairs of hard soled shoes before he could walk -- his first pair of Chuck Taylors which was a gift from Mama, his Adidas Goodyear Edition and our beloved gold-striped Adidas Superstar which we brought in Dubai back in 2009 when we went for a visit. After his first birthday, we got his first pair of Nike Dunks and then the list went on and on. One pair from the other. I began shoe hunting from Ebay to Multiply to Facebook Sellers. It was like candy. It was heaven! Everything I found was a great catch with each pair unique above the rest -- preloved or brand new, if it fits the budget, why not? And I never knew I'd be a shoeaholic and these pairs aren't even mine at all!

I actually sold some of the pairs that he has outgrown. Athough there are really a few which I found it hard to let go. If I could recall I already sold around 20 pairs of shoes, selling it to Moms like me with whom I share the same sentiment with when it comes to making their little guy to look good through my online shop. These clients have then become my friends in the later part - Sarah, Johanna, Arah, Eyak, Rhiane, Zara, Madeline and Myrna. We all share the same sentiment when it comes to shoes. And yes, they all blame me for making them a shoeaholic! =) This is one reason that I created The Shoeaholic Mummy Club! I found my soul sisters!

Shopping for a new pair actually became my guilty pleasure. I think one reason is that I am compensating on the fact that I am a single parent and raising my son alone is a great workload. I don't want him to be deprived of the good things in life that I can afford. It may be brand new or pre owned, it doesn't matter. As long as I know he looks good on them! Hihihi.

Cheers to fellow shoeholic Mums! ♥