Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 years before I hit 30!

 This is somewhat a sort of tradition for me everytime my day comes. I write about how my year went and show my gratitude to the people who mean alot to me. I am officially 3 years away before hitting the big 30! And the countdown begins. 

My 26th year was a mixture of both good and bad. There were unexpected twists and turns and well I had to charge it to experience. ...

I have met alot of different people in the years of my existence. Yes, we can never please everybody.  I have come to realize that this phrase is true for me. Even if you have been good to someone it is never an assurance that you'll leave them impressed. 

There will always be people who have something to say about you. I'm just glad that I never dared to be anyone else whenever I meet people. 

I can't THANK YOU enough to the friends that I have had since then up until now. 

The times might have changed us and I am really thankful that you guys are still around - good times and bad times. 

Thanks to those who hated me. You made me stronger.
Thanks to those who loved me. You made my heart go fonder.
Thanks to those who cared. You made me feel important.
Thanks to those who entered my life. 
You made who I am today.
Thanks to those who left. 
You showed me nothing last forever.
Thanks to those who stayed. 
You showed me true friendship.
Thanks to those who listened. 
You made me like I was worth it.

If there's one more thing that I have learned is that  I will always have my FAMILY no matter what.

I really don't have the perfect relationship with my parents and my siblings. Its always been a mixture of LOVE-HATE but maybe that is how we complement each other. That's what makes our bond a cut above the rest, our imperfections make our relationship stronger. I love you, Mama and Pops...

THANK YOU for always being there for me and Wan. I love you James and Patrick, I maybe a bitchy sister but I am the first person who always got your backs...and you guys know that I love you both very much.

As the years went by, I am honest enough to admit that I lost a few important ones along the way. And I came to a point that I accepted the fact that maybe that is how things are. My relationship with them had a life span, it ended there and maybe, their part in my life is already done. I don't want to carry that grudge along the way, I already did my part in forgiving them and forgiving myself. Despite this, I always wish them well.

....Up to this very day I am still a work in progress.  I always appreciate people who correct me and my mistakes. I never took it against them and instead I take it constructively. 

At least I am aware of what I should be avoiding or habits that I should get rid of. You see, changes don't happen overnight. For some it takes years and a lot of courage to do it. 

I want to change. 

And even if I fall down a couple of times in trying to do so, I will not cut that eagerness in me to do so! I have alot on my list and I am starting now. :) Thank you to those who never fail to correct me. I know that you are doing this because you want me to IMPROVE myself inorder to become a much better person. 

THANK YOU for giving me all the reasons not to QUIT improving myself. What I am today is because of that little man I have in my life right now that my world revolves upon. HE changed me. And I LOVED IT. HE made me realize the strength that I thought did not exist. 

Above it all, I am just THANKFUL for the TONS of blessings that I have this year. As for the lovelife, I dunno. I might as well stick to the plan God has for me. 

Whether or not God will give that to me, I AM STILL THANKFUL. I wish nothing but to be HAPPIER next year. I know not everyday will be good but then again I might as well enjoy the ride.


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  1. that was a great way to welcome an additional year to your life :D

    a visit from kim!