Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Motherhood is a lifetime job without pay --
you endure 9 months carrying a human being in your belly,
wake up in the wee hours of the morning,
deal with their tantrums, clean their mess,
and never sleep when they are sick.
With these in tow, you cannot resign.

Then you'll unconsciously forget about yourself...
you'd careless with the way you look, wouldn't mind the latest fashion trend,
gain weight and yes, you will feel ugly.
But when you see those eager little eyes looking at you with that toothless grin,
all these insecurities just melts away like ice.
And suddenly, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world!
Nobody said that motherhood was easy,
but you wouldn't trade the the sloppy kisses, little hugs,
the beautiful memories and yes, the unconditional love
for anything in the world!

To my Mom,
Thank you so much for all the patience and the support
that you have given me through the years of my existence.
Our relationship has always been love-hate
and we argue most of the time,
but now I understand you perfectly.
And I love you even more!

Happy Mother's Day
to all the SUPERMOMS I know!


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